About me



Hello all! My name is Haley, and this is my blog “A Look Inside.”

I’m 22 years old, I’ve been married to my husband Austin for almost four years now, and we have a two year old named Kevin.

I currently live out in California while Kevin Is receiving treatment for his immunodeficiency disease (read more in the “Kevin Elliot” section), and while Austin is in the Army and stationed out in Washington. We met out here in California when he was in the Marine Corps, moved when he got out and spent a couple years out in Texas, and when he went back into the military I moved home.

I created this blog to give my friends, brand new and those who have been around for a while, an inside look on our lives and our journey the past couple years. My goals here are to shed some light on a rare disease, and hopefully open up a line of support and communication to anyone out there who is going through something similar. I want this to potentially be an opportunity for me to just give someone something to relate to. I’ll be talking about my son and my family all of the struggles and mountains that we have overcame.

Thank you for reading and being apart of my crazy life!

Much love,